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Name:Mr. Hendry [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Hendry at Jakarta Barat
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Address:Jalan Puri Kencana Rukan Puri Niaga Blok J1/3Y
Jakarta Barat 11620, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Apr. 06, 2011
Last Updated:Apr. 06, 2011
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Construction & Real Estate category

Company Brief

First of all, Please I' m introduce myself. My name is Hendry as the Business Manager of PT. Buana Biru Decorindo ( WaterDecor) .
We are proud to inform you of the presence waterdé cor ® ( PT Buana Biru Decorindo) , as Sole Distributor for Oase products, Nexus, Messner, and Hozelock in Indonesia. Besides that, we are also as a supplier of the product providers will need in Aquatics, such as aquarium filters, pumps, heater temperature of EHEIM famous product, fish food, medication for fish, water conditioners, and water tester of the SERA; in which the overall variance of Our product is a combination of using intelligent technology from the German state of reliable operation in terms of quality, durable, and reliable, so that eventually created the satisfaction of the customer.

The amazing thing about waterdé cor ® is the presence of one stop shopping for responsive and reliable solution just for you.
... ... .. If you have any problems with anything related to world of Aquatics, entertainment and water ( fountain) waterdé cor ® ( PT Buana Biru Decorindo) has a solution for every problem you face.

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